Ridge Capping 130 degree, 200mm x 200mm - PVC Plastisol

Ridge pieces are used at the apex of the roof to join the two sides together. Cladco Ridges are folded to a 130 degree internal angle and will flex 10 – 15 degrees either way dependent on the angle of your roof. Ridges area major component in any profiled clad apex roof and as they are available in a range of colours and finishes to match our roof sheets they will enhance the aesthetics of any building.

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Ridges include a safety welt on the edge to increase the strength of the material and come as a 3m length as standard. When fitting the ridge please remember to allow a minimum of 100mm overlap from one ridge piece to the next.

Ridge pieces sit on top of the roofing sheets and are stitched (using st22 stitching screws) to the sheet below to secure them in place.

Please note: 
The 200 x 200 flashings give a coverage of 192 x 192 due to the 8mm welt.
PVC Plastisol
Length (meters): 3.0
£21.30Inc VAT