13/3 Corrugated Sheets - PVC Plastisol - 0.7mm

Giving the look of a traditional 13/3 ‘corrugated iron’ profile our corrugated steel roof sheeting has 13 corrugations of 3 inch/76mm round and each sheet will cover a width of 990mm when installed. This sheet really does give the look of traditional ‘corrugated iron’ that has been used for over a century. Corrugated steel roof sheets are available in a range of colours and 0.5 and 0.7mm thickness with a PVC Plastisol coat on top of the galvanised steel. Please note we advise using the 65mm Screw with Baz Washer with these sheets.

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Mainly used as roofing and cladding on industrial, domestic, commercial and agricultural buildings this single skin corrugated steel roof sheet can be used to over clad an existing roof, part of an insulated build up system or purely as single skin. Construction using this type of sheet can be safely undertaken down to a 10 degree pitch using conventional nail or self-drilling screw fixings on top of the profile.


The traditional look of this steel corrugated roofing sheet combined with its robustness will give you finished look to be proud of. The lightweight sheets are easy to fit, making your installation fast and easy, available in a range of colours, thicknesses and finishes they are also independently tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements.

PVC Plastisol
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